Below are some projects I have delivered, including hardware product launches and quick MVP landing pages.

More Petcube

My main contribution was to direct the design effort overall facilitating people relationships while advocating for design. Under my leadership, besides Petcube Tracker, the product design team delivered numerous improvements and experiments, as well as released another new product.


Petcube Care is a subscription service that enhances Petcube camera functionalities with features like extended video history, smart alerts, and automatic video recording for comprehensive pet and home monitoring:

New Video Timeline

Screens with video timeline
  • Churn 0.37% ↓
  • Playback 22% ↑


Screens with the onboarding
  • CR 17% ↑

Upsells and experiments

Screens with upsell elements
  • Trial CR 30% ↑
  • MRR 9% ↑

The Petcube Emergency Fund is a subscription-based service that provides up to $3,000 coverage per year for various pet emergencies, including veterinary treatments, for up to six pets, without discriminating based on age, breed, or medical history

  • Overall MRR 63% ↑ after numerous experiments in a 1-year span

The Petcube Cam 360 is an innovative pet monitoring camera offering 360° panoramic views with pan-tilt rotation, live HD 1080p video, and smart alerts for comprehensive pet and home surveillance.

Planca Coach

Personal business exercise, a remote coaching online service.


Having a passion for sports I started a profitable day 1 remote coaching experiment, hiring Olympic Ukrainian coaches and having clients both in Europe and the US.

Simple website build with just HTML and CSS

I photographed myself and my friend as models for the website, hired a waiter from my hometown as a support agent, and built a backend in Notion. Doing design, code, photography, and hiring the whole project cost me around $300 to start, while a monthly subscription was $500 and the average user lifespan turned out 8 months.

Before and after of states a retouched photo
1. The most money I spent on the project was two hours of studio and the light rent. My retouching skills came in handy; 2. The main format was 1 to 1 training, but we also experimented with group training, hoping that this would attract more people.

About 1 year into the project I realized that the market didn’t seem to exist and I got married, so I decided that I could build more projects in the future, but I would never have the first year of being married again and closed the project. The coaches continued to work with clients on their terms and everyone was fit and happy.


I led the design of a beauty clinic clients-facing portal while extending Pentagram’s branding into the interface realm.

Main screen of the Portrait user portal
Scheme of the service Wireframes
Few icons from the iconset UI elements
Mobile screen Dark theme preview
Few mobile screens


I conceptualized and then led the design of the water offsetting company web app.

Wacomet orders dashboard


Delivered an MVP for energy offsetting startup web app.

Glowgreen desktop unlogged
Glowgreen desktop dashboard
Glowgreen responsive

Designed and supervised the developing efforts for the launch of a hiring platform that helped to find senior devs.