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Designing an automated AI web page personalization startup.





There must be a personalized communication with every user. But a single landing page provides with limited communication, so a message may be misunderstood. Thus the company may lose it’s potential customers.

To help companies communicate better, we have built Landy, which let business owners clone, and customize their landing pages, and put their growth on autopilot, by suiting specific variations to a specific group of visitors via AI.

Landing page converts a few users.

Landing page is cloned and modified with Landy.

Landy learns preferable customers’ interests and show them preferable variation based on their metadata. Conversion is growing, users are satisfied.


We were building an automated assistant-like tool, kind of a robot. Thus, we chose a robot as the main metaphor. As long as it had to deal with landing pages, and decide where to land a user, we picked the name ‘Landy’. We made a logo, and built all communication around this metaphor.

Typography reflects the idea of constantly changing elements on web pages.

For communication, we used shapes to connect with an idea of web pages variability. Also, we used the character to help the users navigate.


Landy founder Dmitry Tsepelev had a marketing background. He also researched existed solutions, and interviewed its users. That’s why his view on MVP was clear, and accurate.

User: Pastes link to the website → Duplicates it, and creates variations → Sets goals and launches the campaign. Landy: *Learns about its users, and grows the conversion*

We changed the main page 3 times to make it more clear. Finally, we put there an onboarding experience which reduced confusion drastically.

We started with built-in page editor but later we added a split url feature.

Variations editor. The user could create page variations, and change elements in the editor.

Split URL campaign interface. The user simply pastes URLs, sets goals and gets the code.

After a campaign is created, the user can see it along with stats on the dashboard.

Clicking on the row users would get onto campaign detailed overview page.


Landy was selected for the YC Open Office Hours program, and we were lucky to get Sam Altman as an expert. While it was not the main YC program, it is still around 1000 startups applying with only 40 selected. That’s why we were so thrilled to get such an opportunity, and happy to receive positive feedback from such an experienced expert like Sam.

Despite the fact, that in the end, we found automated personalization is still not the thing which is badly wanted by every other company, it was a great journey from all possible prospectives. We learned a lot about building a product from scratch, communicating with users, collecting feedback, marketing our product, iterating and making a design decision based on collected data.

Oleg Mayhopar

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