Oleg Mayhopar

Art. Lebedev Studio

Working in the biggest design studio of Eastern Europe.


Web, Graphic, Navigation Designer


2013 – 2014

Art. Lebedev Studio is the first, oldest, and biggest design studio in Russia. When I worked there, it had 200+ employees and clients like Gazprom, Moscow Government, Yandex.

During that period of time, I had a pleasure to work on a navigation system for the Moscow underground, interface for Russian biggest lotto, and some other full-time, and part-time projects.


Nowadays, metro is the main transport for the muscovites at that time. At that time, daily amount of passengers was around 8 000 000 people. Our goal was to help people orient in the fast pace passenger flows at the stations by developing floor navigation.

My responsibilities were:

  • Decide in which part of the station navigation signs should be placed.
  • Develop maps, schemes and guidelines on the implementation of the navigation system for the Moscow government.
  • Control the workers during the signs installation.

I’m really satisfied to be a part of this project. Each member of the team was committed 100%. We stayed at the studio all night, slept near workplaces, and sent final PDFs, while managers were on their way to the meetings with government members. It was a truly epic experience, and I’ve never seen anything like this in other companies.


Within the Federal Law “On Lotteries” lottery draws are to be held no more often than every fifteen minutes. The draws for Stoloto quick games are held every half hour. To make sure the excited players have to wait less, a single interface was created that combines three games . Their draws are shifted in time relative to each other.


When I worked there, design was developed by a team around an idea of the lead designer. I usually did retouch, icons, typography, illustrations.

All screenshots belong to the Art. Lebedev Studio. The full list of projects I participated in is here.

Oleg Mayhopar

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