Oleg Mayhopar


Help in building a new food delivery company from scratch.


Product Designer


Autumn 2016

The company was founded by two ex-delivery club executives after they realized that it was easier to make a competitor than to fix the Delivery Club.

We had to launch fast because Uber Eats was going to launch soon as well. So all decisions were made under the speed restriction.


First, I realized that any identity that I develop will be temporary until the company becomes big. Second, it should be developed fast, cheap in terms of production, and be easy to maintain as I was the only designer. Third, the founders wanted it to reflect the technological approach and friendliness of the company at the same time. Also, they put a big emphasis on geo-dependency of the service.

The main color was orange, as it’s considered to fire hunger due to the color research that I found. This perfectly matched the name of the company.


In the real world, the brand was represented by two key-elements: logo and color.


To represent a service oriented approach, I picked DIN based font Brutaltype. The original DIN was developed for road and railway signage. Thus, service aesthetic was in its core, and in ours as well. Also, it was relatively narrow, which was good for a mobile application. Brutaltype was made by Russian designers so Cyrillic glyphs were fine, and also it was made in 2010’s so it looked modern. The logo was rhymed with the font as well.


We had only a few months to build an MVP, and a limited budget so we didn’t reinvent the wheel. The team researched all the good food delivery apps around and designed ours fixing everything that looked wrong to us. Our approach was launch, listen to the feedback and fix it.

The app was designed for iOS and Android.

Basic styleguide


After we made iOS and Android apps, and signed a lot of restaurants, Mail.ru Group bought, and merged our team and the one of Delivery Club.

We had to repeat everything but in more difficult circumstances, after all, we succeed.

Oleg Mayhopar

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